URVA1- Version 4.2

URVA1- Version 4.2

Version 4.2 (Exciting New Features!)

Release Date: 05/12/2023

1. Notification Sound in URVA
We've revamped our notification system to provide you with a more intuitive and differentiated experience. Say goodbye to missing important updates – now you'll hear them loud and clear.

2. Support Mode
We've introduced Support Mode to assist you better than ever and ensuring . Click here to know more.... 

3. Visiting Card in URVA- Click here to know more...

4. Table View in Mobile
We've brought the convenience of our table view interface, previously available only on desktop, to the mobile version. Enjoy a consistent user experience across all your devices, making task management even more accessible.

5. File Manager Grid View
Manage your files with ease in our new grid view.

6. Cloud Calling and Call Logs
Experience the ease of cloud calling with integrated comprehensive call logs. Now, you can effortlessly add, track, and record calls for future reference. It's a simple way to maintain records of multiple calls with your valued clients. Click here for Help Doc.