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Getting Started with Users

What are "Users"

User is a unique entity that is used to identify any person who is using the software. In URVA, we can create users to use the app on both web and mobile platforms. Users can login in URVA by using Id and password. 

Who can create users

Users are created by admin user or any account. Permissions are given to admin to create & edit user info of any user Id. Once any Id is created, the user gets the login credentials on their email Ids used in Id creation.


Benefits/ Achievements on using "Users"

  1. User creation is mandatory to login on web and mobile.  
  2. It is the unique identity to identify the usage in account.
  3. Data captured in software can be identified by the user Ids.

What cannot be done

  1. Users' data cannot be integrated with other platforms without direct integration.
  2. Users' data cannot be updated from URVA mobile app. Only supervisors can update the information.
  3. User Ids cannot have multiple logins on different devices. That means the user ids cannot be shared among persons.


  1. Users' details are required to create Ids.  (Please check the attached format for required info- Onboarding Docket)
  2. User Groups required to be created
  3. Team Bands for attendance configuration should be created earlier

How to create Users- Create & Edit Users (