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Create & Edit Users

User Creation: 

URVA is available for 2 platforms i.e. web/desktop and mobile. The user IDs created can be accessed as per permission given to them to work on either web or mobile.

Based on the role permissions, the ID can be used on either web or mobile. Users can be created either one by one or by uploading large data in bulk throug n excel sheet.

One by One creation: 

  1. In your web console, go to the Users module then click the + New  Icon to Add new user.
  2. Fill relevant details of the user: In Basic fill data for the fields such as First name, Last name, Email ID, Mobile number, Password, Date of birth, Home address then click on Next and fill Profile fields such as user name, Business Unit, Language, Category, Bands, Group, Archive Days and then again click on Next and fill Organization fields such as Designation, Role, Reporting person, Employee code, Office address then fill the Custom fields .
  3. Finally click on Create to create the new user.

Bulk upload creation:

  1. In your web console, go to the Users module. Click on the Three dots icon on the right top corner.
  2. Choose Upload option to create users in bulk. Download Excel template by clicking on download icon.
  3. Fill the details in the template as mandatory fields should be filled. Please confirm if the data should be in correct format. (If data is not in desired format the system will give you error when you upload file.)
  4. Data should be in format for these fields:
    • User_Name -  The username is unique and mandatory field. It cannot be changed once created.
    • Employee_Code - Employee code is mandatory field which cannot be changed afterwards.
    • Password -  Password should in format like Abc@123 (Including One Capital letter, One special character, One number)
    • Reporting_Person -  Usernames of the reporting persons should b entered.
    • User_Group -  In this column user group name should be entered. If its not there then keep this 
    • Archive_Days -  It is mandatory field.
    • Mandatory_Task_Location -  Keep this column blank.
    • Mandatory_Field_Tracking - Keep this column blank.
    • App_Bubbles -  Keep this column blank.
    • Geo_Attendence -  Keep this column blank.
    • Action -  If you are creating new users, type "C" in column. If you are updating the user info, type "U" in column. For delete users in bulk type "D" in column.
      C= Create U=Update  D = deactivate.
    • Note : - Required field data is mandatory, user cannot keep it blank.

  5. Now save the file and drop the file on the upload screen and click Submit.
  6. Enter Batch name or number as it is mandatory.
  7. The file will automatically upload with successful message.



Editing a user:

  1. Click on the user to open under Users  and then click on Edit icon to edit.
  2. Change details under Basic, Profile, Organization and Customer tabs as per requirements and click on UPDATE


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