Steps to create an Activity Form

Create an Activity Form

Our innovative Activities module, revolutionizes the way you create and manage digital forms of any kind. One can effortlessly design, customize, and deploy dynamic digital forms tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's surveys, feedback forms, sales visit reports, or any other type of data collection, F

URVA provides you with a versatile and user-friendly platform to bring your forms to life.

Say goodbye to traditional paper-based processes and welcome the convenience and efficiency of digital forms. URVA empowers you to design intuitive and interactive forms with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Here is to begin with:

  1. From URVA home page,  click on Admin Settings from top left corner and then Activities.   
  2. Tap on '+' plus Icon on the bottom right side to create a new activity. 
  3. Click on Workflow to create a workflow for your form. (Click here to know about Workflow Creation)
  4. Different Interfaces appears on the right side, pick and drop the Interfaces as per requirements like text, name, number, address, image, signature, audio, NFC, File Attachment, rating, photo and others. 
  5. Each interface has different Properties, Availability, Validation and Input of their own which user can define based on their requirements. Click on the properties icon and define these settings accordingly. You may define Sub types of the fields. 
  6. After adding the required interface and enabling the properties of each interface,.
  7. Click SAVE to save & update the Activity form. 

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