View and Visit to the assigned Routes

View and Visit to the assigned Routes

FOS can view the retailers in BSNL Salesport app as per the daily assigned routes:

  1. Login on BSNL Salesport app.
  2. Click on the Attendance tab or (the User can also click on the Contact tab to view the Customers accordingly)
  3. Under the Attendance tab user can click View the Route plan which will be assigned to him by the web user for that particular day.
  4. Contacts page will be open and then click on the Retailers button to view Retailers.
  5. On the bottom, click on the Routes tab to view only the assigned retailers.
  6. On the top bar, you can view all the Beat plans and select the assigned one accordingly.
  7. Under that Beat Plan all assigned Retailers will be shown to the users to visit for the day for that particular route or area.
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