Steps to Create, Upload & Assign Tasks?

Create, Upload & Assign Tasks

URVA facilitates you with option to allocate task in bulk, hence multiple tasks can be assigned to multiple users in one go. This saves lot of time & effort. To create new Tasks Manually follow the steps mentioned below:

One by One create tasks:

  1. From URVA Home Page, go to Tasks under Operations.
  2. Now Pick an activity and Submit
  3. Click on +Tasks.
  4. Click One by One for creating tasks one by one.
  5. Now select a stage " Insert or mobile or Public"  to create a task.
  6. Under the Form tab, add the details that a user wants to edit. 
  7. Click on Submit under Closure.

Bulk Upload Tasks:

  1. Go to Tasks from the home page.
  2. Now Pick an activity and Submit it.
  3. Click on + Task and then click Bulk upload for creating multiple tasks via a file upload.
  4. Download the format in Excel by clicking on the Download template.
  5. Fill in the data and drop the file or UPLOAD it.

Assign tasks manually:

  1. From URVA home page, go to Tasks.
  2. Now Pick an activity, level, or territory and Submit it.
  3. Click on the check box against any of the tasks.
  4. Click Assign User from the top bar.
  5. Choose the user from the pop-up window.
  6. Click Submit and the task will be assigned to the user.

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