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How to take order via order taking form?

Mobile users will take the order and perform the activity under the assigned Beat routes to complete the Beat Plan.

Please follow the steps which have mentioned below :

  1. Login on URVA Mobile Application.
  2. Click on the Attendance tab or (the User can also click on the Contact tab to view the Customers accordingly)under the Attendance tab user can view the Route plan which will be assigned to him by the web user for that particular day.
  3. Customer page will be open and then click on the open to view Retailers.
  4. Now click on the Routes tab to view only the assigned retailers under the selected Beat plan.
  5. All assigned Retailers will be shown to the users to visit for the day.
  6. Now click on the Actions Tab against each retailer to create a task.
  7. Activity selection page will be open, now the user will choose the activity which will be assigned to the user. Such as for taking orders user will have to select the Order-taking form and choose the hierarchy accordingly and click on the Tick Icon.
  8. Click on the "Tap to check-in" to proceed and the form will be open with auto-filled data.
  9. Go to the Order and click on the "search the product" to open the list of the products.
  10. Select the product from the list and enter the quantity and then the price will be auto-picked according to the quantity.
  11. Finally go to the Finish tab and then click on the Submit Now button to complete this task.
  12. User can view their completed tasks by clicking on the Double tick Icon.

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