Assign Activity forms/ collection/ hierarchy to the users

Assign Activity forms/ collection/ hierarchy to the users

Assign one by one- Activity forms/ Collections to Users:

  1. From URVA home page, go to the Users 
  2. The user list will be open and click on the user to assign collection/ activity forms.
  3. Click on Collections/ Activities/ hierarchy and then click on Edit option.
  4. On the right-hand side, you can view the list of available collections/ activities/ hierarchies to be assigned. (You can also search for the collection by clicking on image-1640237661532.png)
  5. Now drag the collection/ activity form/ hierarchy from right to left.
  6. Click on Save to save changes.

Assign in bulk - Activities/ Collection to the users:

    1. From URVA home page, go to the Users module
    2. The user list will appear, and now click on the vertical elipsesimage-1652252542004.pngon the top right corner.
    3. Choose the Assign Activities option. Download the template in excel form to map Activity Collection in bulk.
    4. The template will have two fields:- Username and Activity Collection Code.
    5. Fill the username of the user in the Username field and code of selected Collection/ Activity in the Activity Collection Code field and save it.
    6. Now go back to the previous page and drop the data in the Activities upload page.
    7. Click on the UPLOAD button to upload the collection in bulk.
    8. Finally, the Activity collection will be uploaded successfully in bulk.
PRO TIP: User can go to the Customer under Collection or Activities under Admin Settings and select the Collection code from the url link after selecting the Activity collection and pick the Username from the users list of whom you want to assign collection.

Assign hierarchy- One by One:

  1. From URVA home page, go to the Users module.
  2. Go to the User module and then Click on User to whom you want to assign Hierarchy. (User info page will open)
  3. Under OTHERS click on Hierarchy and go to Edit image-1652252626640.pngon the right bottom side.
  4. Now Hierarchy page will be opened,  drag and drop the territory name which you want to assign to the user from right to left side. (You can also click on search option to search the desire hierarchy)
  5. Finally, click on Save button to save these changes.

Assign hierarchy- Bulk upload:

  1. From URVA home page, go to the Users module.
  2. The user list will be open, now click on the vertical Ellipsesimage-1652252542004.pngfrom the right top corner.
  3. Choose the Assign Territories option.
  4. Now download the template in excel form. The two fields will be shown in the form , Username and Territory Code.
  5. Fill the username of the user to whom territory is going to be assigned in the Username field and code of the selected territory in the Terriroty field.
  6. After adding details in the form, save it and go back to the previous page and drop the data in the Territory upload page.
  7. Click on the Upload button to upload the territory in bulk. Finally the territory will be uploaded successfully in bulk.

Pro Tip:  If User forget the territory code, then he can go to the Hierarchy under Admin Settings to review the code of the territory by searching particular territory over there.

Assign multiple subscribers to users:

To assign multiple subscribers to users, please follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Go to Users under Identity Management
  2. Click on the user to open.
  3. Click on the SUBSCRIBERS tab and then click Edit.
  4. Click on the subscribers appearing at right to assign and then drag to left. It will automatically assigned to user. (You can also search subscribers to assign).
  5. Finally, click on SAVE

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